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Please contact the CWC Director, Doug Alsdorf, for more information.


CWC Advisory Board Members by College

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Byrd Polar Research Center

W. Berry Lyons (Director, BPRC) 614-688-3241
D. Michele Cook (Fiscal)614-292-7972

College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Frank Schwartz (Director, School of Earth Sciences) 614-292-6196
Doug Alsdorf 614-247-6908
Heather Allen 614-292-4707

John Glenn School of Public Affairs

Andy Keeler 614-688-4325

College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

Jerry Bigham (Director, SENR) 614-292-9066
Amanda Rodewald 614-247-6099
Brent Sohngen 614-688-4640

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Morton O'Kelly (Chair, Dept. of Geography) 614-292-8744
Clark Larsen 614-292-4117
Ellen Mosley-Thompson 614-292-6662