External Funding Availabilities

This page does not explain internal OSU funding availabilities, rather the page is for external funding opportunities. This page will be updated with information regarding funding opportunities from Federal agencies, State agencies, industry, foundations, and so on. Please let us know if you hear-of or know-of a great opportunity for funding related to climate, water, or carbon research and related policy issues.

To learn more about internal CWC funding, click on the "Projects" link.

OceanSat 2 and GOSAT opportunities (June 1, 2008)


Click Here for a link to the OceanSat 2 call



The remainder of this is for GOSAT:


Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), National Institute for

Environmental Studies (NIES) and Ministry of the Environment (MOE)

("Three Parties") started Greenhouse gases Observation SATellite

(GOSAT) Project some years ago.


GOSAT project is contributing to GEOSS 10-Year Implementation Plan

through GEOSS tasks: CL-06-02 "Key Climate Data from Satellite

Systems", DA-07-03 "Virtual Constellations", and EC-06-01 "Integrated

Global Carbon Observation (IGCO) ."


While the time of the launch of GOSAT is approaching in early 2009,

the Three Parties issued a Research Announcement (RA) of GOSAT on

April 7,2008. This RA solicits a proposal for calibration, processing

algorithm, validation, carbon balance estimation and application

using GOSAT data. If you are interested in it, please take time to

visit following site:




We would be grateful if you could send us your proposal by the

end of coming June.


With kind regards,


GOSAT Project RA Office

Center for Global Environmental Research

National Institute for Environmental Studies

16-2 Onogawa, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki

305-8506 Japan

TEL: 29-850-2035 FAX: 29-850-2219




NASA Funding Opportunities (April 13, 2008)

Here is a link to requests for proposals from NASA. Click Here

NASA Education Funding Opportunities (April 13, 2008)

Here is a link to requests for proposals from NASA. Click Here

From: NSPIRES-Help [NSPIRES-Help@nasaprs

From: NSPIRES-Help [NSPIRES-Help@nasaprs.com]

Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 2:57 PM

To: smd@listsrv.nasaprs.com

Subject: ROSES-08 Amendment 4: Final text and due dates for

Opportunities in SMD Education and Public Outreach



ROSES-08 Amendment 4:  Final text and due dates for Opportunities in

SMD Education and Public Outreach


This amendment replaces the draft text in Appendix E.5 entitled

"Opportunities in Science Mission Directorate Education and Public

Outreach" with the final text. This solicitation is for

investigations or projects utilizing SMD content supporting NASA

education and public outreach objectives. It solicits proposals that

address substantial and substantive educational needs or problems and

offer solutions of significant impact. Projects are expected to be

relevant to the NASA SMD Education portfolio. This relevance should

be clearly demonstrated in the proposal.


Given the many accomplishments in NASA Earth and space science

education and public outreach in recent years, the program places

particular emphasis on systemic and/or sustainable educational impact

from SMD investments. Projects must have a clear linkage to the needs

of the formal or informal educational systems.


Notices of Intent to propose (NOIs) are due May 15, 2008, and

proposals are due July 15, 2008.


On or about April 11, 2008, this Amendment to the NASA Research

Announcement "Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences

(ROSES) 2008" (NNH08ZDA001N) will be posted on the NASA research

opportunity homepage at http://nspires.nasaprs.com/ (select

"Solicitations" then "Open Solicitations" then "NNH08ZDA001N").


Further information about this program element is available from Dr.

Larry Cooper,  Science Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters,

Washington, DC 20546-0001; Telephone: (202) 358-1531; E-mail:




CSREES Funding Opportunities (April 13, 2008)

Here is a link to requests for proposals from the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service. Click Here to learn more about funding opportunties.

The following is a specific example within the CSREES program:

CSREES Announces the Availability of Grant Funds and Requests Applications for the Higher Education Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP) Grants

CSREES Announces the Availability of Grant Funds and Requests Applications for the Higher Education Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP) Grants

NEW in 2008: Changes have been made when compared with the FY 2007 MSP announcement.  The changes enhance the potential for attaining program goals through use of six (6) Program Areas of Emphasis.  Students pursuing undergraduate level training in the food and agricultural sciences and/or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) degrees will be aligned with the emerging workforce needs.  Ultimately, the announcement seeks to allow applicants to plan for the impact of the proposed D.V.M./baccalaureate training program on development of scientific expertise and functional competence in food and agricultural sciences.  Included are award categories that take account of a training option that involves multi-institutional collaboration to enhance the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and/or baccalaureate degree training programs addressing USDA REE priority areas of bioenergy, agrosecurity; specialty crops; and environmental sustainability to find solutions for real world issues relating to water, energy, land use management and agricultural biotechnology.


NICCR Funding Opportunities (April 13, 2008)

Here is a link to requests for proposals from the National Institute for Climate Change Research. Click Here

DISCCRS Symposium funding (April 2, 2008)

Deadline is April 30th for DISCCRS IV Interdisciplinary Climate Research Symposium

Please contact Robyn Wilson to learn more: wilson.1376@osu.edu


From: DISCCRS <disccrs@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 21:06:58 -0400
To: <disccrs1@aslo.org>, <disccrs2@aslo.org>, <disccrs3@aslo.org>, <dialog@aslo.org>, <disccrsnews@aslo.org>
Subject: [DISCCRS3] Reminder: Deadline is April 30th for DISCCRS IV Interdisciplinary Climate Research Symposium

Please distribute to post-docs, new faculty, colleagues working on climate change...

Interdisciplinary Climate Research Symposium
http://www.disccrs.org/DISCCRSposter.pdf <http://www.disccrs.org/DISCCRSposter.pdf>
2 - 9 November 2008
Saguaro Lake Ranch, AZ

Application Deadline: 30 April 2008
Participation limited to thirty-four early career scholars
Airfare and on-site expenses will be defrayed  
http://www.disccrs.org/ <http://www.disccrs.org/>

 <http://www.disccrs.org/> The Dissertations Initiative for the Advancement of Climate Change Research (DISCCRS, pronounced discourse), connects natural and social scientists engaged in research related to climate change, impacts and solutions. The goal is to broaden perspectives and establish a collegial peer network to address climate challenges at the interface of science and society. See report from last symposium, and list of participants at http://www.disccrs.org/reports/DISCCRS_III_Symposium_Report.pdf <http://www.disccrs.org/reports/DISCCRS_III_Symposium_Report.pdf>

During the week of DISCCRS IV -- which will be held in the Tonto National Forest outside Phoenix, Arizona -- participants will provide oral and poster presentations in plenary format, hone interdisciplinary communication and team skills, and discuss emerging research, societal and professional issues with each other and with established researchers invited to serve as mentors.  

Participation will be limited to thirty-four early career scholars identified by an interdisciplinary committee of research scientists based on review of submitted applications.

Eligibility: Ph.D. requirements completed April 1, 2006 - March 31, 2008. We encourage applicants from the natural and social sciences, economics, mathematics, engineering, or any other field so long as the research focus relates to climate change, its impacts or solutions. Selection will favor those with interdisciplinary, collaborative interests. While the emphasis is on the U.S. research system, applicants from all countries will be considered.

Symposium Application instructions
http://www.disccrs.org/symphelp.html <http://www.disccrs.org/symphelp.html>

Register your Ph.D. dissertation
http://www.disccrs.org/register.html <http://www.disccrs.org/register.html>
Electronic newsletter with jobs and other time-sensitive announcements is available to those who register dissertations.

Public webpage
http://disccrs.org <http://disccrs.org/>
includes a searchable database of registered Ph.D. dissertations and early career resources:

Society Sponsors

Organizers: C. Susan Weiler and Ronald B. Mitchell

Funding: U.S. National Science Foundation Collaborative Grants EAR-0435728 to Whitman College, C.S. Weiler PI, and EAR-0435719 to University of Oregon, R.B. Mitchell PI.

Contact:  disccrs@whitman.edu <mailto:disccrs@whitman.edu>


NSF Cyber Discovery and Innovation program

From: Joel T

From: Joel T. Johnson [johnson@ece.osu.edu]

Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 10:00 AM


Subject: Re: CWC Meeting Monday 2:30 - 4:00 Page Hall room 130



Dear Doug,

  One opportunity I think the CWC should consider

is the NSF Cyber Discovery and Innovation program:




The deadline for this year has passed, but next year

they will include large team proposals for the first time.


I think geophysics has lots of problems that can be

addressed with novel data management/signal processing

type things, and CWC is an excellent way to arrange such

a thing. Be glad to discuss further.







Joel T. Johnson, Professor ------------- The Ohio State University

E-mail: johnson@ee.eng.ohio-state.edu -------- Dept. of Electrical Eng.

Voice: (614) 292-1593 or 1606 ------------- 205 Dreese Laboratories

FAX:   (614) 292-7297 ------------- 2015 Neil Ave

URL:http://www.ece.osu.edu/~johnson ---------- Columbus, OH 43210




EPA Grants

From: Brent Sohngen [sohngen.1@osu.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 1:32 PM
To: 'Doug Alsdorf'
Subject: epa grants

Doug: was checking around and saw this. You are probably already aware of it.  But may be an opportunity for ORB and/or congo and amazon research. It looks more science oriented, and up your alley, but could potentially benefit from economic analysis. Could get others involved in analysis of agricultural impacts (e.g. hydrological impacts -> agricultural adaptation/change-> combined have wq impacts). 





Workshop Funding

From: Daniel V

From: Daniel V. Ortega-Pacheco [ortega-pacheco.1@osu.edu]

Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 3:37 PM

To: 'Doug Alsdorf'

Subject: RE: meeting this week



Thanks, Doug.


This is the link that I mentioned about funding for Workshops  






See category (3) Current Issues Workshops