Brent Sohngen

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College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

Address:322 Agricultural Administration Building
2120 Fyffe Rd.
Columbus, OH 43210
Country:United States


Brent Sohngen is Professor of environmental and resource economics in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics. He received his Ph.D. in environmental economics from Yale University in 1996. Sohngen conducts research on the economics of land use change, the design of incentive mechanisms for water and carbon trading, carbon sequestration, and non-market valuation of environmental resources.

Professor Sohngen developed a global timber and land use model that has been widely used to assess the implications of climate change on forested ecosystems and forest product markets and to assess the costs of carbon sequestration in forests, including reductions in deforestation. The model has recently been expanded to account for agricultural production and markets.

Professor Sohngen has written or co-written 31 peer-reviewed journal articles, 45 monographs and book chapters. He has been published in a variety of journals including the American Economic Review, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Ecological Economics, and Climatic Change. He co-edited a special issue of Climatic Change in 2006, addressing adaptation to climate change.

Selected Publications

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