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Lonnie Thompson Recommends Actions

December 14, 2010

Earle Holland reports that Lonnie Thompson has published a paper intended for social scientists and behavior experts. The paper is the first time that Prof. Thompson has indicated specific actions that need to be taken to help us forestall the growing impacts of climate change. Read Article

Lonnie Thompson and colleagues featured in On Earth Magazine

December 14, 2010

George Black has written an article on Life and Death in a Dry Land for On Earth Magazine. In the article, he explains important problems we face as glaciers disappear. In particular, he writes about Prof. Lonnie Thompson and colleagues who ascend Peru's glaciers to better understand our world's climatic past and hence gain insights for its future.

Download Document (PDF)

CWC students present at OSU Undergraduate Research Forum

June 4, 2010

Students from all over the OSU campus, including students performing research with the CWC, presented their research at the 2010 BMAPS (College of Biological, Mathematical and Physical Sciences) Undergraduate Research Forum.

Research Group at the 2010 BMAPS Forum

Lisa Schaller (second from left), undergraduate student and funded CWC researcher, presents her research poster along with felow CWC researchers Michael Durand, Hahn Chul Jung, and Jeremiah Lant. (click to enlarge)

CWC researchers publish book on carbon sequestration in forests

January 19, 2010

Carbon Sequestration in Forest Ecosystems is a comprehensive book describing the basic processes of carbon dynamics in forest ecosystems, their contribution to carbon sequestration and implications for mitigating abrupt climate change. This book provides the information on processes, factors and causes influencing carbon sequestration in forest ecosystems. Drawing upon most up-to-date references, this book summarizes the current understanding of carbon sequestration processes in forest ecosystems while identifying knowledge gaps for future research.

The book is a valuable knowledge source for students, scientists, forest managers and policy makers.

The book is authored by CWC researchers Klaus Lorenz and Rattan Lal.

BBC Documentary shows CWC research from Peru

November 12, 2009

The BBC Documentary Meltdown, which is part of the Hot Cities series, will air this weekend on BBC World News. The series looks at the problem of water shortages and climate change. The show will air at the following times:

Saturday 11/14: 3:10 AM, 1:10 PM, and 9:10 PM EST
Sunday 11/15: 9:10 AM EST

Watch the series online

CWC Research Covered by Worldwide News Sources

November 2, 2009

Multiple news sources covered a research paper published today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The research paper explains that the ice sheet that capped Mt. Kilimanjaro was 85% smaller than the one in 1912. These glaciers may be gone within 20 years. The research paper's authors include CWC participants Lonnie Thompson, Henry Brecher, Ellen Mosley-Thompson, and Bryan Mark.

Visit our Media Coverage page for links to these news articles.

Bryan Mark and Lonnie Thompson's Research Covered in Chilean Newspapers

August 3, 2009

CWC participants Bryan Mark and Lonnie Thompson are currently in Chile and Peru, respectively. Bryan Mark spoke at a number of lectures hosted by the US Embassy in Chile. Lonnie Thompson and his team, along with Peruvian mountaineers, are drilling ice cores on Hualcán in the Cordillera Blanca, Northern Peru. Articles about their work were recently published in El Mercurio, the most read newspaper in Chile, and El Dia, a newspaper in Northern Chile.

AGU Chapman Conference on Abrupt Climate Change

AGU Chapman Conference The Chapman Conference takes place throughout the week in Mendenhall Laboratory on the OSU Campus.

The evidence is mounting: Earth's climate has changed abruptly at times throughout its 4-billion-year history. This week, the world's top climate researchers have come to Ohio State to piece together this evidence and try to better understand today's climate change, and how it may relate to abrupt changes in the past and in the future.

CWC Ph.D. Student wins NASA Fellowship

Mr. Hahn Chul Jung has won a prestigious 3-year NASA Earth & Space Sciences Graduate Student Fellowship. Hahn wrote the entire proposal and is one of 62 people nationwide to win a NASA Fellowship (from a pool of 274 applicants). He is a graduate student researcher in the CWC Satellite Hydrology core project. Congratulations Hahn!

CWC Student Researcher Takes Top Denman Forum Honors

Pat Burns at Denman Forum Pictured (click to enlarge) is Pat Burns with his first place poster (Advisor/co-authors: Dr. Bryan Mark, Henry Brecher and Kyung-In Huh), "Calculating Volume and Area Change in Peruvian Glaciers", at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. Pat is also a student in the School of Earth Sciences.

View other student research and presentations

Prof. Ellen Mosley-Thompson Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Prof. Mosley-Thompson was elected as a member of the National Academy of Sciences on April 28th, 2009. This is a wonderful recognition of her outstanding research in polar sciences and paleoclimatology.

Read press release
More information from OSU Research

Prof. Elena Irwin Awarded the Geoffrey J.D. Hewings Award (November, 2008)

Prof. Irwin was presented the Geoffrey J.D. Hewings Award on Saturday (11/22) at the annual North American Conference of the Regional Science Association International. The award is presented by the North American Regional Science Council an international scholarly organization, and recognizes distinguished contributions to regional science research. Irwin was recognized for her outstanding work in land-use modeling, ecological-economic modeling and applied spatial econometrics.

Prof. Lal's Letter to Science (November, 2008)

Prof. Lal's letter is available by clicking here: Science Letter

Doug Alsdorf interviewed by NPR stations in Northern California and Oregon (October, 2008)

Lonnie Thompson on PBS Frontline (October, 2008)

Click here to watch the 2-hour Frontline special on "Heat"

Prof. Thompson is interviewed in the first segment (Click Here to Watch)

Andy Keeler and Alex Thompson publish in a prestigious journal (October, 2008)

Click here to read the paper in Harvard's Project on International Climate Agreements.

Title of Prof. Keeler's and Thompson's paper is "Industrialized-Country Mitigation Policy and Resource Transfers to Developing Countries: Improving and Expanding Greenhouse Gas Offsets"

Lonnie Thompson is featured in Time Magazine (September, 2008)

Click here to read the write-up in Time Magazine

Prof. Thompson is listed as one of 6 "Heroes of the Environment" for 2008. This is a wonderful acknolwedgment of Prof. Thompson's outstanding research.

Rattan Lal is quoted in National Geographic (September, 2008)

Click here to read the article in National Geographic

Click "continue" at the bottom of the article. Prof. Lal is quoted near the top of the second page.

Jason Box is featured on the Discovery Channel! (August, 2008)

Click here for a link to the Discovery Channel work featured in their program "Project Earth".

Be sure to click on the links on the Discovery Channel web page. And, you might also enjoy downloading a video with Jason.

Quicktime link to video on Jason's web page.

Or click on the flash video

Bryan Mark quoted in Reuters and various Peruvian papers (July 14, 2008)

Bryan Mark is quoted by various Peruvian news agencies regarding the melting of Peru's glaciers and the impact on water resources. Click the following links - hope your spanish is good! Search for Bryan Mark in the text.

Click here for the Reuters quotes

Click here for more

Click here for more

Click here for more

Click here for more

Click here for more

Brent Sohngen quoted in Columbus Dispatch (July 8, 2008)

Click here for the Columbus Dispatch article.

From the Dispatch: Scroll down about two-thirds into the text and you'll see that Prof. Sohngen is quoted extensively.

Taotao Qian member of team awarded "CCSM Distinguished Achievement Award 2008" (May 16, 2008)

From the CCSM email list:

A SSC meeting was held last Wednesday at which we considered the nominations for the CCSM Distinguished Achievement Award. I am pleased to announce that the winners for 2008 are the Land Model Working Group for their cooperative work in producing the CLM3.5 version of the land component. This version is a considerable improvement over CLM3, and the SSC thought this a very nice example of a group of scientists working cooperatively together.

Kudos for this achievement goes to the Land WG cochairs: Dave Lawrence of NCAR and Steve Running of the University of Montana, and to the following coauthors on two papers recently published in J. Geophys. Res. Biogeosciences, 113, documenting the CLM3.5:

Congratulations, Peter Gent, SSC Chair.

Gordon Bonan, NCAR, Aiguo Dai, NCAR, Scott Denning, Colorado State Univ, Bob Dickinson, Georgia Tech, Peter Lawrence, Univ of Colorado , Sam Levis, NCAR, Guo-Yue Niu, Univ of Texas, Austin , Keith Oleson, NCAR, Taotao Qian, NCAR, now Ohio State Univ , Reto Stockli, CSU, now ETH, Zurich, Switzerland , Peter Thornton, NCAR, Zong-Liang Yang, Univ of Texas, Austin ,

Mike Bevis, Jason Box, and Ian Howat quoted in Nature, Howat co-authored in Science (May 9, 2008)

Prof. Ian Howat has co-authored two papers in this week's issue of the very prestigious journal, Science. He and his colleagues discuss the importance of understanding Greenland's ice flows. Likewise, this importance for a broader understanding of Greenland's ice and its mass are discussed in a Nature article where Profs. Bevis, Box, and Howat are quoted. Congratulations!

Click here for Howat co-authored Science publications (scroll down)

Click here for quotes in Nature

Prof. C.K. Shum, OSU Distinguished Scholar Award (April 8, 2008)

Prof. C.K. Shum has won an Ohio State University Distinguished Scholar Award. This is a richly deserved and wonderful accomplishment. You are encouraged to read the OSU statement on C.K.'s work (see link below) - this is a well written presentation. Because many CWC researchers know C.K., we all can easily say that he is a most collegial researcher.

Read more about C.K.'s outstanding acheivement!


The Wilma H. Schiermeier Olentangy River Wetland Research Park at Ohio State released its 2007 Annual Report to the public on Monday (3/31) that features more than 50 color photographs and research, teaching, service and development activity summaries. The report is available online or it can be mailed to you by request to Also described are international collaborations in four countries, and college courses, formal tours and presentations that took place at the wetlands.

A press release is available by clicking here: Press Release

Andy Keeler's work featured in the press (Feb. 2008)

Andy Keeler authored a just-released paper on how federal climate change policy will affect state regulation of electric utilities. The report was commissioned by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. A press release is available.

Andy Keeler gave an invited presentation to the Oregon Public Utility Commission Hearing on Climate Change policy in Salem, Oregon on Friday, February 1. Keeler's presentation of 2 1/2 hours covered the important design considerations in likely federal climate policy, as well as likely impacts on regulation and technology choice in Oregon and the western US. It was attended by all of Oregon's utility commissioners, senior staff, state legislators, utility executives, and the head of the state's global warming commission.

Andy Keeler has been commissioned by the Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements to be lead author on a paper on structuring relationships between rich and poor countries to achieve objectives related to greenhouse gas mitigation, adaptation, and economic development. Keeler and Alex Thompson of OSU's Political Science Department will take a multidisciplinary approach based on economics, rational choice theory, and international law. The results will be part of the Harvard Project's engagement of governments and the key stakeholders in the run-up to the COP-15 negotiations in Copenhagen in late 2009.

Thompsons Awarded the Dan David Prize (Feb. 2008)

Ellen Mosley-Thompson and Lonnie Thompson have been awarded the Dan David Prize for their excellence in understanding climate change. For more information, please see the Dan David Prize web pages and 2008 Laureates. Congratulations to Ellen and Lonnie!

CWC Website (Feb. 2008)

The first draft of the CWC Website has been launched!

The web pages are growing quickly and, in fact, will soon move to Your additions, edits, and thoughts are welcomed. Please contact the people listed on the Contacts page. As an example of the new additions, we will soon add a section where affiliates will be able to login, edit their profile and project information, and understand their budgets. The entire CWC budget will also be transparent and viewable to affiliates through this login procedure.

OAA Approves the CWC (June 2006)

The Climate, Water, and Carbon Program is a Targeted Investment in Excellence funded by OSU's Office of Academic Affairs (OAA). Learn more about OAA's TIEs. Important related documents:

CWC TIE Proposal (Jan. 2006)

Proposal that led to the formation of the CWC

The Climate, Water, and Carbon Program is a coalition of several OSU colleges, schools, and centers designed to specifically address the following three questions: (1) are we causing an abrupt climate change today?, (2) do we have enough freshwater?, and (3) what adaptive strategies can be implemented to offset the impact of fossil fuel combustion on biogeochemical cycles affecting climate change and water resources?
Download the proposal submitted to OAA's TIE initiative.